Dual Pricing has been a long-standing practice that’s not limited to recent initiatives; numerous establishments, including gas stations nationwide, have been implementing cash and standard pricing for well over a decade. Much like the Cash Discount 2.0 approach, businesses utilizing Dual Pricing retain the full cash price for all their products. This practice is permissible in all 50 states and is applicable to various types of businesses, not just limited to gas stations. With the appropriate technological solution, any business can effectively employ a dual pricing strategy.

What Does This Mean?

Dual Pricing is a strategy that empowers business proprietors to substantially reduce or even completely offset a significant portion of their credit card processing expenses. By harnessing VizyPay’s technology, a merchant can provide customers with the choice between a cash price and a standard price, enabling customers to opt for their preferred payment method.

Is Dual Pricing right for my business?

The Dual Pricing Program is perfect for businesses that want to eliminate processing fees while giving their customers a choice to pay with cash or a card. Dual pricing is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses or businesses without posted pricing.

What is required to enroll in our Dual Pricing Program?

Ability to display cash and regular price for each inventory/menu/invoice item, and the ability to display new signage that is program compliant.

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