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What is the Best Pricing Model for Your Business?  

Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing is a program in which business owners can significantly lower or eliminate a majority of their credit card processing costs.

Hybrid Program

The Hybrid program is great for businesses that don’t want to include all processing fees into their menu pricing, but still want to share some of the costs to accept cards with their customers. Business owners have the flexibility to add a credit card fee to a consumer’s bill when he or she uses a card for payment, but that fee is removed if they use cash


Sync your online, mobile, and in-store sales seamlessly with PDOGA.

Flat Rate

This pricing structure is the least transparent but easiest to understand. It bundles all the rates and fees you would pay into one easy-to-understand and predictable flat percentage each month.

Traditional Program

Interchange Plus / Cost+. PDOGA offers a low merchant rate, with fixed margins for storefront payment processing costs.